About Me

I am interested in Software Engineering and "Type B" Data Science. I recently started as a Software Engineer at tripwire, and I'm having a blast. I also recently helped to start the Atlanta based non-profit Anidata (Check us out on GitHub). In my free time I enjoy contributing to open source projects, homebrewing, learning more about programming, fishing, and spending time with my lovely wife. My favorite language is Rust, but I spend most my time using C, C++ or Python. And yes, I use the best editor known to mankind... vim.

Fun projects I'm working on

servo (git) (docs)
"Servo is a modern, performant browser engine designed to be appropriate for applications including embedded use. Written in Mozilla's new systems programming language, Rust, the Servo project aims to achieve better parallelism, security, modularity, and performance."
Rust bindings for the FreeBSD capsicum framework for OS capability and sandboxing
A small command line tool and library for testing IPv6 networks for common vulnerabilities associated with the Neighbor Discovery Protocol.

Tools and Books

A short list of my favorite tools that I use daily, and I would suggest looking into if you have not already done so.